1. What courses can males apply for in Salon and Spa?

Men can apply for Hair and Nail courses. Spa & Beauty courses are for females only.

2. Do you provide employment after completing the Nail course?

Yes we find employment for you in professional Nail Spas, but if it is not up to your expectation of pay or location, you are free to find yourself one.

3. What are the prospects after the nail course?

Many! You can start your own Nail Spa, or work as a freelancer. If you are aspiring for a cruise job, you have to work and gain experience with a professional Nail Spa.

4. What is the age limit to join wellness courses?


5. Is there any other training required if I get selected by Cruiseline for Beauty and wellness positions on cruiselines?

Yes, there will be a training of six to eight weeks by the employer, either in London or India depending on the position you get selected for.