The following positions are available to Indians at various points in time, for all cruise companies that Indus represents. Please note:
  • Designations vary from company to company and are very different in levels as compared to designations in the Indian hotel industry (see FAQs link)
  • The salaries given below are indicative of those offered to candidates from India and vary from company to company
KITCHEN - Hot, Garde Manger, Pastry, Butchery
  • Chef De Cuisine
  • Sous Chef
  • Jr. Sous Chef
  • Pastry Chef
  • Staff Chef
  • Chef De Partie
  • Demi Chef De Partie
  • Commis
  • Butcher
  • Patissier
  • Baker
  • Asst Cook
  • Trainee Cook
  • Garde Manger (Cold kitchen)
  • Asst. Storekeeper
  • Galley Steward/ Kitchen Utility
Starting salary at the lowest level is between US$ 725 to US$ 800 per month for a culinary position and can go up to US$ 4000 per month at higher levels.
  • Food Operation Manager
  • Asst. Food Operation Manager
  • Asst. Maitre’ D
  • Restaurant Supervisor
  • Management Trainee – Food Operations
  • Asst. Waitress
The earnings of those in the F & B service department are based more on the tip earning capacity of each position than on the basic salary. Tips can vary between US$ 800 and US$ 2000 per month depending on the company, the profile of the passengers and the duration of the voyage. The higher the tip earning capacity, the lower is the basic salary. This does not apply to senior management where salaries range from US$ 2000 – US$3500.
  • Spa / Massage Therapist (female)
  • Beauty Therapist (female)
  • Hairdresser
  • Nail Technician
  • Acupuncturist
  • Fitness Instructor
Those in the spa and wellness department receive a monthly guaranteed income of US $ 800 and have the opportunity to earn more money as they work on a commission basis. Sales minded staff earn between the US $1500 – $2000 on a monthly basis.
  • Management Trainee – Housekeeping
  • Trainee Floor supervisor
  • Trainee Pool & Deck supervisor
  • Trainee Cabin Stewardess
  • Hotel steward (public area cleaning)
Starting salary at the lowest level is approx. US$ 590 to US$ 2000 at higher levels.
  • Table Artist (Magician)
  • Trainee Photographer
Important soft skills requirement for cruise jobs
Your level of skill in your area of specialization is very important, but it is not everything to help you succeed in your job, you also have to be:
  • An extrovert and enjoy working with people as you will be interacting with people of many nationalities
  • A team player as you will realize that the enormous cruise ship operations run like a smooth machine only through discipline and cooperation
  • Adaptable and accommodating to new experiences that come with working in such a different environment than the one you are used to