While not all of the jobs are available all of the time, Indus prefers to keep a data bank of eligible candidates for sending overseas at short notice whenever required.We’re here to help you learn how to apply for cruise line jobs. Please fill up the online application form to register with us.
Please note, only Indian passport-holders are eligible to register with Indus for cruise line jobs in India.
  • We advertise regularly on our Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram page and in the national and local dailies, as well as in the hotel trade journals
  • We also keep all applications updated on our website ( and post vacancies on some job portals for forthcoming interviews by our international principals
  • We prefer to receive online applications on our website, or applications sent via email or post, which should include a detailed CV and a photograph
  • After preliminary review of the applications, suitable applicants are called for a face-to-face screening interview at the closest Indus office. At this point to apply the candidates fill up the Indus Registration form and submit supporting documents which are subject to verification by our office
  • Applicants then face an oral interview, which may sometimes be followed up by a written test. The result of the interview is usually communicated immediately; the results of the test may take a few days.Indus does not charge any registration or evaluation fees
  • The successful candidates are informed that they have been placed on the priority waiting list for the next recruitment interviews; the unsuccessful candidates are usually asked to get a minimum of 6 months of relevant experience and to return thereafter for another interview, and are placed on the pending waiting list
This may vary slightly from cruise line to cruise line but is generally as follows, with Indus processing staff assisting the applicants through every step right till departure (the entire joining process can take between 1 and 3 months).
  • After the interview by the cruise lines, applicants are informed the results of their interview either immediately or within the next few days
  • If the interview has been successful, then the applicant is handed over a Letter of Offer from the cruise line and explained about the position and salary offered, and terms and conditions of employment
  • A document from Indus detailing the joining process is also handed over to the applicant, who is asked to respond within a week with an acceptance or rejection of the offer
  • Once they have accepted the offer then they complete the medical examination by the approved doctor and a medical clearance is obtained from the cruise lines,a police clearance is also mandatory
  • For all cruise companies, new crew members are required to have or to obtain STCW certification and Indian Seaman book prior to joining, which must be updated and kept valid throughout the course of the employment. At the same time, the applicant applies online for an interview date for the US C1D visa (or other visas as applicable)
  • The employee company sends a Letter of Employment with a Crew ID, details of which ship he will be working on and which port he will be joining, along with the joining date
  • The candidate has to personally apply for the visa interview, so a full visa briefing is given at the Indus office before the interview
  • If the visa is granted, then he’s ready to join as scheduled, but if not then his joining is delayed until he can obtain the visa (he is allowed to apply multiple times; for visas to European ports he may be asked to apply for visas to other countries)
  • The cruise line arranges for air tickets for the new Crew Member and an information kit (from the cruise line) is also given to him
  • Crew members are advised on the steps to take during the journey and on arrival at their joining port upto the time the employers staff take over