Indus provides the full range of services for cruise line recruitment and subsequent deployment as follows:

  • Talent search – This includes advertising, database mining, referrals, visits to hospitality institutes, hotels and restaurants.
  • Pre-screening candidates to assess suitability mainly through personal interviews – verify not only their education and work experience credentials but also assess personality, attitude, communications, temperament and fitness.
  • Administering Marlin’s online English
    language test.
  • Preparing complete documentation and doing referral checks.
  • Briefing sessions with candidates regarding the jobs, life on board, how to achieve a successful client interview and visa interview.
  • Setting up interviews according to clients requirements – managing interview scheduling, setting up proper interview venues and video presentation facilities.
  • Post-interview follow ups for confirmations and subsequent pre-departure processing.
  • Coordinating between the client and the employee with regard to the letters of offer and letter of employment.
  • Assistance for acquiring police clearance, seaman’s books and STCW certifications.
  • Assisting with medical clearance procedures and following up for medical problems until clearance has been obtained; liaising between client and employee for clearance of long term medical cases.
  • Scheduling appointments and assisting with documentation for US C1D visas and other visas.
  • Making travel arrangements to ensure the employee reaches his joining port on schedule
  • Providing air tickets at specially
    contracted rates.
  • Tracking crew movement through the client’s dedicated Crew member Management Systems.