The OneSpaWorld* Steiner, a division of Steiner Leisure Limited, operates onboard 18 cruise lines (over 150 luxury cruise ships) that sail all over the world offering a complete range of services that enhance guests’ self-awareness, beauty and wellness. Through their vigorous fitness and seminar programs they also empower guests’ to take charge of their health and well-being through diet, exercise, mindfulness and relaxation techniques. OneSpaWorld* Steiner offers guests’ the tools needed to improve quality of life and transform unhealthy living practices into healthier habits. Steiner is an innovative spa company dedicated with one unified vision: Inner peace. Outer beauty.

 WHY WORK AT THE OneSpaWorld* Steiner

  • Steiner is the chosen spa operator¬†onboard over 18 luxury international cruise lines
  • Good earning potential
  • Professional & Personal growth
  • A multi cultural team